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Experience breathtaking scenic views and the ultimate Philippines adventure.

Advanced Flight Training for Pilots

50 or 10,000 hours of flight time, this experience might prove invaluable throughout your flying career.



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  • Advanced-level flight maneuvers flown with beautiful precision!

    - Mike Schemm, Philippines Aerobatic Pilot on Sean Clarke's
    performances at the 20th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016

  • Sean has mentored me in Canada for many years ... uniquely skillful, insanely safe and just the right amount of Rock'n Roll.

    - Chris Wright, Canadian Sports Pilot

  • Great facilities on a fantastic island, thanks Sean for an awesome flight! The aerobatic experience is a must for pilots of all levels.

    - Capt. Ben Lopena, WCC Aviation Binalonan, Head of Training

  • A perfect getaway from the city to peaceful Camiguin. Capt. Sean, you know you're good at it. You fly with ease and you are a great instructor.
    We loved your briefing and we'll definitely come back and throw some loops!

    - Capt. Jithin and Jasmine Jin of Continental Aero Flying School

  • Without doubt one of the best things I have ever done. Camiguin comes alive from the air; the colours are vivid, the volcanoes are magical and the seascape is beautiful. The acrobatic maneuvers take things up a notch, in a really good way. Like the best roller coaster you'll ever ride. Sean inspires total confidence. I can't recommend this enough. Thank you Camiguin Aviation.

    - Sharon Crowther, Writer / Marketing Consultant

  • I've been living in Camiguin for almost 3 years, I love this island with all my heart ...
    I've been in the most hidden corners of the island and nothing is comparable with the experience Camiguin Aviation is offering. If you really want to understand
    the island and feel it ... you need to fly baby!

    - Fermin Alvarez, Managing Director at Social Noise

  • Have lived on the island full time for fourteen years and have enjoyed it very much both underwater and on land. This one hour sightseeing flight and aerobatics
    is off-the-charts FUN! Felt like a kid again and will definitely DO IT AGAIN.
    Sean's plane, professionalism, equipment and experience are all FIRST CLASS.

    - Johnny Garcia, Scuba Instructor at Johnny's Dive 'N' Fun