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Lumad Tower, Airport, Mambajao, Camiguin

Lumad Tower Landmark


Lat/Long 9.2536, 124.7069

Camiguin Aviation Taxiway and Apron

The aircraft can only take one passenger at a time. Since it is an aerobatic aircraft, having window views all around, it lends itself wonderfully to scenic flights.
Our pricing is good for one person per flight and does not change for groups.
The day before is fine, assuming there are slots available. Please note that due to Civil Aviation Regulations, we cannot book flight departures after 2:00 pm.
Any time of the day is fine. For example, we could not say that morning flights are better since there are less thermals at that time compared to afternoons ... because it's not like that on Camiguin, we have other weather influences. Clouds make for nice flights, no clouds are also fine, some clouds are the best, Mt. Hibok-Hibok is clear, then it's not ... in the end, your flight will have been awesome.
Flights are weather-dependent and only the pilot makes the decision as to whether or not a flight can proceed. Once you book a flight, you are committed and required to show up. Remember, this is a flight registered with Civil Aviation and we book/flight plan every flight before it's scheduled departure.
We only allow cellphones or GoPro cameras if you want to take some photos. No protruding objects are allowed during your flight. If you want to capture your flight, we also offer personalized video productions.
We specialize in Advanced Flight Training and Sightseeing Aerial Tours around Camiguin Island and do not offer air charter services.
We only accept cash.
Each training flight is about one hour in duration.
The Super Decathlon is a fully-certified aerobatic trainer and, consequently, has full dual controls. Since it is a taildragger aircraft, the 'type-rated' PIC has to do the landing/take-off, right after which the student will take over.