Camiguin Aviation

UPRT Specialists.

On-Airplane UPRT Courses: Standard and Train-the-Trainer.

All courses are CAAP-certified under Part 3 of the PCAR.

The Standard UPRT course covers once-in-a-lifetime certification requirements at the CPL, FI, MPL and ATPL levels, as well as first type-rating applications.

The Train-the-Trainer course turns regular FI into specialized UPRT FI, and covers CAAP requirements for aerobatic experience.


UPRT Courses Video

₱100,000 /package


[4 Flights]

Recieve a Certificate and Logbook Entry for flying our syllabus to proficiency in the Super Decathlon 8KCAB.

This course is more than just an ICAO requirement. Our instructors implant flying skills that will be relevant throughout your entire flying career.

Emphasis is put on Human Factors. ICAO's MANUAL ON AIRPLANE UPRT (Doc. 10011) identified the leading cause of upsets to be pilot initiated. When pilots startle, they lose cognitive abilities and 'pull on the stick'.

To address this, our syllabus teaches students to be 'engaged' with the aircraft and 'fly by feel'. It also introduces maneuvers that minimize the 'fear of the unknown'.

You will become a better pilot flying with us.

Costs include:

4 flights Super Decathlon
7 hours Ground Schooling

Standard UPRT Syllabus

₱18,000 /flight


[25 Flights]

Recieve a Certificate and Logbook Entry for flying our syllabus to proficiency in the Super Decathlon 8KCAB.

Flight training covers the 25 hours minimum mandated by CAAP for aerobatic experience. A separate course is provided to cover the compulsory yearly recurrent training for UPRT FI.

Don't take shortcuts here. Proficient UPRT instructors know how to react at those critical times when life-saving measures are required instinctively, and that is what we are training you for.

And it's not just about saftety. Having a properly trained UPRT instructor at your flying school elevates your overall quality of training to a whole 'nother level as each student is taught to 'engage the aircraft' and 'fly by feel'.

Costs include:

7 hours Ground Schooling

Train-the-Trainer UPRT Syllabus




Camiguin Aviation's Ground School is CAAP certified, and provides the theoretical background needed to engage our rigorous flight lessons.

This course is based on AUPRTA Rev. 3, as well as Camiguin Aviation's extensive experience instructing Advanced Flight Maneuvers and Aerobatics.

Download the pre-course reading materials below. Read the Legal Release, sign and submit it during Ground School.



In line with PCAR IS, Appendix C, Section (b) (2) (ii), upon successful completion of our UPRT programs students recieve a Certificate and Logbook Entry .

Students must bring their analog logbooks to training camp for stamping, while digital Certificates are downloaded below. Analog certificates are not provided.

Students may click the link below to retrieve their Certificates. Visitors may use the password 'sample' to view a sample.